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If you are looking for a stationary bike stand for indoor training, my objective reviews and useful tips can help you figure out what you really want. There are many models different from brands, structure, prices and customer ratings. Therefore, it is really hard to distinguish which one is the best and my reviews can help you.

As a serious cyclist, I have purchased many bikes and indoor bike trainers in the past few years. I always want to find which one is the best. During cold winter, I can stick to my training schedule at home, because it is really impossible to ride outside during such cold winter months. My indoor bike trainers help a lot. Sometimes, I need to take care of my little one and don’t have much time to go out and I can go on my training at home.

If you ask me which one is best, in my opinion, I highly recommend the Kinetic by Kurt Road Machine Indoor Bicycle Trainer, because as my latest purchase, it really good. I was always asked by my friends for some recommendations when buying an indoor bike trainer. This is why I build this website. I think my experience can help you. My research and testing can help you find the right one according to your budget and training regime. Everyone has a Hamlet in the heart. However, some general useful tips, at least, can help you how to choose the right one for you.

If this is the first time you decide to buy a stationary bike stand and don’t know how to start, there are top 5 rated best stationary bike stands you can trust. Some of them are affordable, while some of them are high-end and expensive. No matter you are a serious cyclist or just an amateur rider, you can find the one suits your style of riding the best.

For beginners, it may be difficult to understand the different types of stationary bike stands, which I will explain later. The most common type of indoor bike trainers is the mechanical resistance bike stand. They have a frame to hold the back wheel in the upright position. The back wheel sits on a cylinder shaped object which can generate resistance during riding. Even if you are a recreation rider, you also can choose a more expensive one which can make you get a perfect workout and less possibly caused injury.

As a rider or cyclist, some essential cycling accessories are also very important. Therefore, I try to find out some of the must-have accessories for cycling. A bike pump, a bike lock, a bike computer, or a GPS? You can find the answers in the accessories category.

Some useful tips are also available. These tips can help you how to maintain your stand and how to use it and how to protect yourself during training or riding.

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Top 5 best rated stationary bike stands

The best choice is to buy a stationary bike stand instead of buying a new stationary bike, if you have a bike and want to ride it indoor like an indoor stationary bike. A bike trainer stand will bring the bike you have inside and change it into an indoor stationary bike. There are many reasons for doing that. And there are many options for equipment which can help you set it up.

If you are in the region where it may be cold and snowy in the winter, at this time, a bike trainer stand can make you ride your favorite bicycle indoor all year round. You don’t need to worry about the bad weather. Once you make your Stationary Bike Trainer set up, it’s easy and safe to get the ride into your life’s schedule if you have an indoor trainer.

You will find you are able to implement both a road bicycle stationary trainer and a mountain bike stationary stand with little money. When you begin to look for the right trainer, you will find there are much more options. I hope I can help you choose the right stand and make a good use of your space and money.

1.RAD Cycle Bike Trainer


This RAD Cycle Bike Trainer is a fantastic stationary bike stand which can allow you to hookup any kind of bike to it. It features magnetic resistance which increases when your speed increases. This product can ensure you train all year round on your favorite bike indoor. No matter what the weather is, you can keep fit if you have this one. Also the noise is very little because the resistance is actually created via magnetism. The weight of this RAD Cycle Bike Trainer is very light and portable, which allow you to compact it down and easily put away while you are going to be riding outside.

Reviews on this model are positive. The rating is up to 4 stars out of 5. The main negative reviews are due to people’s not reading the description properly.Read Full Review>>[aff=B004ROT3LC]

2.Forza F-2 Trainer


This stand features a heavy duty and sturdy frame, which can ensure it to handle a lot of weight or heavy use. You can ride your bike as the same riding position as on the road. If the weather is bad, you can ride your bike at home. You don’t need to stop your training. The installation of this stationary is straightforward. You can complete it within 15 minutes.

The customer reviews are positive for this product. The rating is 4.3 stars out of 5. This model is one of the bestselling trainers on Amazon.[aff=B000YOCHQ2]

3.Bestselling stationary bike stand under $300: Bell Motivator Mag Indoor Bicycle Trainer


Bell Motivator Mag Indoor Bicycle Trainer is the bestselling Indoor Bicycle Trainer on Amazon. It’s very popular and the price is reasonable. This stand provides a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty and features using magnetic resistance to form the workout when your speed increases.

As the bestselling product, the most reviews are very positive. The rating is up to 4.2 stars out 5. There are over 300 customer reviews you can check, which prove this product is very popular and good quality.[aff=B000AAYBWS]

4.Kinetic by Kurt Road Machine Indoor Bicycle Trainer


Although the price of this bicycle trainer is high (over $300), but as one of the high-end product, this stand is qualified for its price. Unlike lower cost models, with the wheel spinning on a fluid trainer, the fluid rotates and causes resistance. This model is sealed entirely and leak proof. Compared to lower price units, this unit will offer you a more realistic ride.

The customer reviews are mostly positive. One user said that the fluid trainers are the best due to the fact that they are realistic and quiet.Read Full Review>>[aff=B000BNCA0Y]

5. Bestselling stationary bike stand over $300: CycleOps Fluid 2 Indoor Bicycle Trainer


This trainer is the bestseller over $300. This unit is also use fluid to create much more realistic resistance. A large fly wheel creates greater inertia for realistic feeling. Also the cooling system can make the machine keep cool.

The rating of this unit is very high, up to 4.5 out of 5 stars. Many people give this product very positive comments. Read Full Review>>[aff=B000BT7HWY]

In a word, these top 5 best rated stationary bike stands are cool. If you don’t have enough budget, I suggest you buy Bell Motivator Mag Indoor Bicycle Trainer, or you can buy the over $300 best bike trainer: CycleOps Fluid 2 Indoor Bicycle Trainer.

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How to set up your stationary bike stand (VIDEO Guide)

The simple video guide to help you quickly set your stationary bike stand up!

CycleOps-Fluid-2-Indoor-Bicycle-Trainer-300x210After reading our top 5 best stationary bike stands reviews, you might have ordered one on Amazon. It seems the only thing you can do is to wait for your package. Well, if you are the first time to buy such an indoor bike trainer, the first thing you should do is to learn how to set it up when it arrives.
Most trainers come with instruction manuals which tend to be difficult to read. You may need to cost about 1 hour to understand how to set it up.
Don’t feel worried about it and you also don’t need to ask others for help. Here, I find a short video that will demonstrate how to make your trainer set up. The video is based on the Cycleops Fluid 2 Trainer’s setting up and other models’ setting up is similar. Plus, this Cycleops Fluid 2 Trainer is one of the best indoor bike trainers you can choose.

How to set up your stationary bike stand

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Reviews of RAD Cycle Products MAX Racer Bicycle Trainer Work Out

RAD-Cycle-Products-MAX-Racer-Bicycle-Trainer-Work-OutIf you are a cyclist and want to train during winter seasons when there is a bad weather outside, you will find you really need an indoor bike trainer to train indoors. Although there are plenty of stationary bike stands available on the market. This magnetic trainer RAD Cycle Products MAX Racer Bicycle Trainer Work Out with 7 Levels of Resistance may help you a lot. It is a magnetic trainer, so it is very affordable. Its features make it ideal for those who have a budget but need a high performance trainer.

Compatible with all bikes

This bike train is able to hook up to any types of bikes – both mountain and road bike with a 26″ to 26″, or even 700cc wheel. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about its Compatibility.

Compact and Portable

It can be folded easily, so you can easily store it or transport it as you like. During warm or hot seasons, you may not need it anymore and want to ride outside to breathe fresh air. Therefore, you can fold it to store without occupying much space.

Easy set-up

With its manual, you can easily set it up. I think, for a cyclist, the setting up job is so easy. It is not as complicated as assemble a bicycle.

7 Levels of Resistance

This trainer comes with a 7-level of Resistance, while other magnetic may only offer 3 levels of resistance. The more levels mean it is able to simulate more road conditions than you think, offering you more realistic riding feeling.

Quiet Operation

Regardless of the fact that it is a magnetic one, it is also very quiet while working. It is not a fluid one, so don’t expect it can work as quiet as a fluid trainer, like RAD Cycle Products Indoor Portable Magnetic Work Out Bicycle Trainer.

Train indoors all winter long

With this trainer, you can train indoors all winter long without worrying about bad weathers outside. Even if it is rainy, snowy, and very cold outside, you can keep your training schedule.

Customer reviews

The average rating of this best bike trainer is 4.1 out of 5 stars. Most people think it offers awesome performance.

  • One guy said after ordering it and before receiving it he felt worried about his purchase. However, when he received, all the worries vanished. He said it was really a heavy-duty trainer. Highly recommended!
  • Another guy bought it and set it up in an extra room so he could train during the snowy, rainy, windy and cold winters. He said he just had meniscus surgery, so training was important for his leg to recover. He worried about the stability, but the fact was that it stabilized his mountain bike very well. He didn’t feel scared about it. He also said it was not difficult to set up and the price was also reasonable. Worth the money, he finally said.
  • The only 1 star negative review from one guy said it was damaged and some pieces were missing. He felt very angry with that situation. However, other buyers didn’t have similar problems and I think this is not a big problem by calling for customer service.

Where to Buy

Of course, you can buy it on Amazon. The list price is a little expensive but the current price is 50% of its list price, so it is really great. And there are many customer reviews you can check.[aff=B005LGTKDG]

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Gavin Bicycle Cycling Trainer Reviews

Conquer-new-trainerYou may hear about this brand Gavin which is not a mainstream brand. Gavin has a serious of different cycling products. And this bike trainer is one of their high quality ones.

The most impressive feature of this trainer is its extra wide frame which can make it much more stable while working. It is manufactured with heavy-duty construction, while it also can be easily folded for easy storage. It also comes with a quick release system. Therefore, buyers don’t need to pay more for such a system that other models may not have. However, it only has a single resistance setting, so if you are a professional biker, this is not a good one for you. It is a basic trainer, making it ideal for beginners. It can fit most bikes, like 26”, 700c or 27”. It also provides a front riser block.

Another feature I like is that it seems beautiful. I especially like its orange design, making it very special in the crowd. I also like its wide base which can offer enough support, making it more stable while working. Compared with other models, it may need a little larger space but it is so cheap to have. Like I mentioned before, it comes with a front riser block and a quick release system which you may not find on some other models, making it very competitive to its competitors. However, We should see it only offers a single resistance setting while others may provide at least 3 settings. Therefore, it doesn’t suit anyone but for beginners who just want a basic magnetic trainer.

How much is it?

It is affordable and it only cost you no more than $100. I must say it deserves to buy at such a low price but with impressive features.

Customer reviews

I’ve checked most of the customer reviews and found that most of these reviews are positive. People spoke highly of its ease of use and setting up. And people also love its beautiful design. As a foldable trainer, some people also like it, because it is so easy to store it, not taking up much space. The most important feature people love is its additional stability due to its extra wide frame and heavy-duty construction as well as stable base. There are also some negative reviews. Some people think the instructions are not detailed, making it a little difficult for beginners to understand.


I think this stationary bike trainer is suited to many cyclists who just need a high quality trainer for a lower price.[aff=B004E1SVOI]

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sunlite-f-2-trainerIf you are looking for the best indoor bike trainer, you cannot miss this simple but effective one: SUNLITE F2 TRAINER. It is an uncomplicated stationary bike stand which can offer you a perfect workout without costing so much. The reasons I listed in my top 10 best trainers list are its simplicity and affordability, as well as great performance.

As a magnetic trainer, it can give you good resistance. Many customers spoke highly of its great performance.

Key Features:

  • It comes in many colors, so you can choose what color you love.
  • It has a heavy duty frame, so it can give you solid support.
  • It also can give you smooth and powerful resistance, making it ideal for those who don’t plan to pay much but need a reliable unit.
  • It can fit most 26” and 700c bikes.
  • And the installation is very simple.

It really a perfect basic bike stand for both fun and fitness. However, we also admit that it is not suitable for serious long distance cross country riding and hardcore hill training. If you do so, you will find the tension cannot build up high enough. In this situation, you really need an advanced trainer, like The Kinetic Kurt Road Machine Bike Trainer. Don’t feel frustrated, if you are not a serious rider, this one is totally ideal for you.

The setting up process is also straightforward, because it is assembled completely and it is ready to use out of the box. You have to do something no more than unfolding it and mounting your bike. That’s all and you are on your way. Very easy, isn’t it?

Like most other magnetic trainers, It also makes the noise. However, the noise is just certainly noticeable, not excessive. In this situation, a smooth road tire is nice and a mountain bike tire may cause too noisy for bikers.

Where to buy?

Of course, you can buy it at amazon.com for a large discount and you’ll find it is so cheap and there are plenty of customer reviews which are valuable. Now, check the latest price.

If you need an axle adapter, you need to buy it separately and click here to learn more.

Customer reviews

  • One guy said he loves this item. It is worth every penny. It works as good as some expensive models.
  • Another guy said it is so great because of its price and he can ride in cold winters, or rainy days.

And you also can find plenty of customer reviews on Amazon. It is highly recommended to read some of them before ordering.[aff=B000QRMUHI]

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Best Cheap Indoor Trainer: Forza F-2 Trainer Reviews

Forza-F-2-TrainerIf you are looking for the best cheap indoor bike trainer, I strongly recommend you to purchase this Forza F-2 Trainer. It is perfect for those who don’t plan to cost much but want to maximize their training time at home during cold winters. This bike stand is so cheap that anyone can afford it and have a healthy way to spend indoors. Of course, at such a low price, you cannot buy a fluid trainer, and this one is a magnetic trainer.

Of course, the best place to get this is on Amazon, where you can find the greatest deals. And you can also check many customer reviews; you will find it is one of the most trusted trainers available on the market. More and more people have bought it on Amazon and the average rating is up to 4.1 out of 5 stars.

As a stationary bike stand, it is made up of durable metal tubes. And the whole setting up process is relatively easy, and you can DIY according to its instructions manuals. You can set it up within a few minutes without any tools needed. One you have set it up, this trainer cannot be moved forward and it has become an improvised stationary cycle. And now, you can ride your bike on it, enjoying a great amount of cardio exercise and strengthening your body indoors.

Great Features:

  • Variable magnetic resistance – allow you to adjust it according to your riding speed.
  • Smooth and powerful resistance unit – offer you a continuous, powerful and smooth resistance feeling
  • Heavy duty frame construction – It is constructed with durable metal tubes, so the frame is heavy-duty.
  • Colors may vary – it comes with many colors to choose from, making it match your décor of your house.

Customer Reviews:

Good Choice for First Choice: One guy said this was his first time to buy a stationary bike trainer and the Forza F-2 is best for his money. He only spent less than 15 minutes to set it up and he said it was so easy and funny to set it up by himself. He also highly recommended it to those who don’t plan to spend much but need a reliable trainer.

Our recommendations:

We also checked other customer reviews and we found this trainer is perfect for people who haven’t purchased an indoor bike trainer before. Therefore, if you only need a basic trainer, it is your best choice. However, if you are a serious cyclist and need a trainer to have more realistic riding felling, you can choose other advanced fluid trainer, like this one.[aff=B000YOCHQ2]

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