CycleOps Fluid 2 Indoor Bicycle Trainer Review

CycleOps-Fluid-2-TrainerBeside Kinetic by Kurt Road Machine Indoor Bicycle Trainer, the CycleOps Fluid 2 Indoor Bicycle Trainer is also one of my favorite stationary bike stands. It is strongly recommended by most consumers.

Whether you need to stay in shape or maintain your cycling level when the weather is so bad outside, this trainer can help you a lot. It is truly a high-quality and solid indoor bike strainer, providing you a real indoor training experience.

It has a new larger flywheel that is able to deliver twice the inertia to ensure you have a road-like feel. Its power-band technology can provide the widest resistance range. The power range is from 20 to 725 watts, so you can enjoy the resistance from nice-and-spins to even ridiculously-challenging to much more realistically imitate high grade climbs. The wattage increases as you increase your speed. Basically, you will feel more resistance as you pedal faster and faster. Its self-cooling mechanisms are also great, which makes the unit cool and perform better and longer.

As a fluid bike trainer, it is perfect for professional cyclists in the world. And more and more cyclists have this trainer. When you spin the wheels on it, you may feel you are really getting somewhere. If you are looking for a trainer which can give you much more realistic feeling, it deserves. It is much more competitive than other fluid trainers, letting along magnetic trainers.

It is a stronger one, so even if you weigh 300 pounds, you don’t need to worry about its ability. What’s more, it is much more quiet than other models. Therefore, if you live in an apartment or you just don’t want to disturb your family or your neighbors, you can try this. And even if you only have a little space, it can work for you.

Key Features:

  • A larger flywheel that can deliver twice the inertia
  • A wide resistance range is provided due to its power band technology
  • Infinite resistance curve means you can increase speed to increase wattage you need
  • Self-cooling mechanisms make the unit durable
  • A really nice choice for riding indoors.

What are people saying about it

“It was so easy to set up.”

“There is little noise and I can listen to music and watch TV while riding.”

“It only took 5 minutes to assemble.”

Any Complaint

There are seldom negative reviews. The average rating is 4.5/5 stars. However, this one costed me much. Maybe this is the only complaint.

All in all, I like this CycleOps Fluid 2 Indoor Bicycle Trainer. If you need a durable and solid but quiet fluid trainer, it deserves to have, even if you need to pay much for it.[aff=B000BT7HWY]

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