Gavin Bicycle Cycling Trainer Reviews

Conquer-new-trainerYou may hear about this brand Gavin which is not a mainstream brand. Gavin has a serious of different cycling products. And this bike trainer is one of their high quality ones.

The most impressive feature of this trainer is its extra wide frame which can make it much more stable while working. It is manufactured with heavy-duty construction, while it also can be easily folded for easy storage. It also comes with a quick release system. Therefore, buyers don’t need to pay more for such a system that other models may not have. However, it only has a single resistance setting, so if you are a professional biker, this is not a good one for you. It is a basic trainer, making it ideal for beginners. It can fit most bikes, like 26”, 700c or 27”. It also provides a front riser block.

Another feature I like is that it seems beautiful. I especially like its orange design, making it very special in the crowd. I also like its wide base which can offer enough support, making it more stable while working. Compared with other models, it may need a little larger space but it is so cheap to have. Like I mentioned before, it comes with a front riser block and a quick release system which you may not find on some other models, making it very competitive to its competitors. However, We should see it only offers a single resistance setting while others may provide at least 3 settings. Therefore, it doesn’t suit anyone but for beginners who just want a basic magnetic trainer.

How much is it?

It is affordable and it only cost you no more than $100. I must say it deserves to buy at such a low price but with impressive features.

Customer reviews

I’ve checked most of the customer reviews and found that most of these reviews are positive. People spoke highly of its ease of use and setting up. And people also love its beautiful design. As a foldable trainer, some people also like it, because it is so easy to store it, not taking up much space. The most important feature people love is its additional stability due to its extra wide frame and heavy-duty construction as well as stable base. There are also some negative reviews. Some people think the instructions are not detailed, making it a little difficult for beginners to understand.


I think this stationary bike trainer is suited to many cyclists who just need a high quality trainer for a lower price.[aff=B004E1SVOI]

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