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If just want to get in shape but you cannot leave your home for indoor cycling classes which are funny and popular, an indoor exercise bike is an alternative way. However, there are plenty of indoor bike trainers on the market and which is the best one?

Recently, one of my friends asked me this question. Of course, if she is a cyclist, I would like to recommend buying a stationary bike stand to have a more realistic riding feeling. However, she is just a housewife and has 3 kids to take care of. Therefore, the best option is to have an indoor exercise bike. She asked what the main features she should pay attention to and what the most important parts of an indoor bike trainer.

These questions are easy for me, because I also have one at home for my wife. The following general tips can help you to find out the best indoor exercise bike for your home.

A nice heavy flywheel is important.

The flywheel of the bike you plan to buy must be at least 40lb. The flywheel is very important. It rotates and continues spinning when you pedal, ensuring you have a similar experience when you are on a regular bike. In one of my posts, I also talked about the flywheel’s importance of a stationary bike stand. It is a key part. Therefore, a nice heavy flywheel can spin more smoothly and make the bike more solid even if for a long time riding. On the market, you will find some models are so cheap because they use lighter flywheels. However, a lighter flywheel may make you feel like you are riding in far too low of a gear. What’s more, you may not control your pedaling very well, which may cause some jerky if you ride too fast. A heavy one doesn’t have similar problems. Believe me, this is very important.

Fore and aft settings handlebar is essential.

For women, a handlebar with fore and aft settings is very important, which means you can move your handle bar front and back to fit perfectly. Generally, bikes have up and down settings, but not all bikes have fore and aft settings. For females, generally, they have shorter torsos than males. Therefore, fore and aft settings can give them a better bike fit. My wife also needs to adjust the handle bar front and back to get a perfect fit. This feature is also very important, if you plan to pedal for a few hours every day.

A Belt-Drive Model is better than a Chain Drive model.

There are 2 types of connection between the pedals and the flywheel: a chain or a belt. When you pedal, the flywheel will be rotated because of the connection. Just remember, a A belt-drive Model is better than a chain drive model, because it more durable and need less maintenance. What’s more, it is much quieter while working.

Choose an adjustable and changeable seat.

No matter what types of bike you are going to buy and if the seat is uncomfortable, you will suffer a miserable riding feeling. Therefore, make sure the seat can be adjustable and even can be changeable. If you feel uncomfortable, you can do something, or it will be a nightmare. Not all bikes can allow you to adjust or change the seat. Just avoid these, or it will be painful.

Buy a Mat and put it underneath the bike.

People buy stationary bikes to do interval training, so that they can develop their strength on regular bikes. For cyclists, they need to keep a regular exercise indoors to maintain their cycling level if it is very cold outdoors. Therefore, the cycling workout is intensive and a mat underneath the bike is helpful to offer needed cushioning and protect your carpets or floors from sweat and any fine dust or grease which may come from the move parts of the bike. A mat also can help your stationary bike, stopping the dust coming out from your carpet to pollute the mechanisms. It is also can keep your bike balanced.

At last, I have to say that if you have a bike, you can consider a stationary bike stand instead of an indoor exercise bike.

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