Magnet Steel Bike Bicycle Indoor Exercise Trainer Stand Review

Magnet-Steel-Bike-Bicycle-Indoor-Exercise-Trainer-StandThe FDW Magnet Steel Bike Bicycle Indoor Exercise Trainer Stand is one of the most popular stationary bike stands you can rely one. It is produced by FDW who produces a small range of cycling products. As magnetic trainer, it has 5 internal resistance settings; you can easily change the speed according to your needs. It can fit both road and mountain bikes with a 26”, 27” or 700c bike wheel. An adjustable knob can help you easily change its resistance. It is also very portable, so you can easily fold it and take it anywhere you like and you can easily store it as well. As a sturdy heavy duty trainer, it deserves to have.


I think this model is perfect for beginners who just need a cheap but reliable trainer. When I open its box, it looks a little narrower than other models. It is very cheap and the setting up process is also straightforward. However, 5 different resistance settings make it more competitive than other much cheap models with single setting. However, if you are a serious cyclist and need a professional one, obviously this is not suitable for you. You can choose a more reliable one, like a fluid trainer. If you just need a cheaper one, it is your choice.

Customer Reviews

Most users think this unit is easy to set up and 5 resistance settings are also great which can allow them to change the resistance according to different training or speed needs. However, if you have used a fluid one, you can feel the difference of the resistance. As a magnetic model, similar to other ones, the noise is also a main problem. Therefore, it is a good idea to place it in the bedroom and use it in the morning. It is pretty noisy. A good suggestion is to turn up the TV or headphone to block it out. In order to decrease the noise, you can change your tires from hybrid to road tires. Some user said doing this can effectively decrease the noise. However, as a magnetic trainer, we cannot expect it performs as the same as a fluid trainer. As a magnetic stand, it is pretty good.[aff=B004I576SM]

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