Reviews of RAD Cycle Products MAX Racer Bicycle Trainer Work Out

RAD-Cycle-Products-MAX-Racer-Bicycle-Trainer-Work-OutIf you are a cyclist and want to train during winter seasons when there is a bad weather outside, you will find you really need an indoor bike trainer to train indoors. Although there are plenty of stationary bike stands available on the market. This magnetic trainer RAD Cycle Products MAX Racer Bicycle Trainer Work Out with 7 Levels of Resistance may help you a lot. It is a magnetic trainer, so it is very affordable. Its features make it ideal for those who have a budget but need a high performance trainer.

Compatible with all bikes

This bike train is able to hook up to any types of bikes – both mountain and road bike with a 26″ to 26″, or even 700cc wheel. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about its Compatibility.

Compact and Portable

It can be folded easily, so you can easily store it or transport it as you like. During warm or hot seasons, you may not need it anymore and want to ride outside to breathe fresh air. Therefore, you can fold it to store without occupying much space.

Easy set-up

With its manual, you can easily set it up. I think, for a cyclist, the setting up job is so easy. It is not as complicated as assemble a bicycle.

7 Levels of Resistance

This trainer comes with a 7-level of Resistance, while other magnetic may only offer 3 levels of resistance. The more levels mean it is able to simulate more road conditions than you think, offering you more realistic riding feeling.

Quiet Operation

Regardless of the fact that it is a magnetic one, it is also very quiet while working. It is not a fluid one, so don’t expect it can work as quiet as a fluid trainer, like RAD Cycle Products Indoor Portable Magnetic Work Out Bicycle Trainer.

Train indoors all winter long

With this trainer, you can train indoors all winter long without worrying about bad weathers outside. Even if it is rainy, snowy, and very cold outside, you can keep your training schedule.

Customer reviews

The average rating of this best bike trainer is 4.1 out of 5 stars. Most people think it offers awesome performance.

  • One guy said after ordering it and before receiving it he felt worried about his purchase. However, when he received, all the worries vanished. He said it was really a heavy-duty trainer. Highly recommended!
  • Another guy bought it and set it up in an extra room so he could train during the snowy, rainy, windy and cold winters. He said he just had meniscus surgery, so training was important for his leg to recover. He worried about the stability, but the fact was that it stabilized his mountain bike very well. He didn’t feel scared about it. He also said it was not difficult to set up and the price was also reasonable. Worth the money, he finally said.
  • The only 1 star negative review from one guy said it was damaged and some pieces were missing. He felt very angry with that situation. However, other buyers didn’t have similar problems and I think this is not a big problem by calling for customer service.

Where to Buy

Of course, you can buy it on Amazon. The list price is a little expensive but the current price is 50% of its list price, so it is really great. And there are many customer reviews you can check.[aff=B005LGTKDG]

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