Selected Indoor Bike Trainer Videos

I have found some useful indoor bike trainer videos available on Youtube. These videos can help you know how to use a trainer or how to choose the best one. These videos are useful. I planned to record some videos, but I give up when I found them. If you feel unfamiliar with stationary bike stands, they can offer some ideas to you.

The differences between Magnetic & Fluid Bicycle Trainers

There are main types of trainers: magnetic and fluid. What are the differences between them? This video will describe the differences for you. I also write a post about different types of stationary bike stands. If you like the video, please share the link –

How to put your bike in a stationary trainer

For beginners, there are some key points you should pay attention to when you plan to put your bike into the trainer at the first time. This video offers essential tips and can help you get everything right. Here’s that link –

How to get more power and endurance?

There are 3 quick cycling trainer tips in this video. If you like it, don’t forget to share it. There is the link:

How to Cycle on Rollers

How to balance on a roller is really a problem for many starters. This video will tell you how to conquer difficulties on rollers.

Another video is about how to cycle on the rollers. It is recorded by Rochelle Gilmore.Here’s the link to share –

CycleOps Indoor Bicycle Trainer Review

This video is about CycleOps indoor bike trainer reviews. Besides great features, it also tells you how to take a good use of it. If you have bought one, you can know how it works after watching it. The trainer is also one of the best trainers I highly recommend. You can read a full review on this trainer.

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