How to Set Up the Kinetic by Kurt Road Machine Indoor Bicycle Trainer

Kinetic-by-Kurt-Road-Machine-Indoor-BicycleI have purchased and used many indoor bike trainers, and the Kurt Road Machine Indoor Bicycle Trainer is the best one I have used and I’ve recommend it in my previous post: Top 5 best rated stationary bike stands.

As a high-end one, it may be a little expensive, but it can offer you a super-quiet ride, durability, realistic resistance and great performance. I especially like its large 6.25 flywheel which can offer realistic resistance like riding outdoor. I’ve discussed other useful features in my previous post Kurt Road Machine Indoor Bicycle Trainer Reviews.

For beginners, how to set it up may be a big problem. Actually, the setting up is very easy. I planned to record such a video, however, I’ve found an impressive video on The video is vivid and you can follow it to easily set your Kurt Road Trainer properly. Here is the video:

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