sunlite-f-2-trainerIf you are looking for the best indoor bike trainer, you cannot miss this simple but effective one: SUNLITE F2 TRAINER. It is an uncomplicated stationary bike stand which can offer you a perfect workout without costing so much. The reasons I listed in my top 10 best trainers list are its simplicity and affordability, as well as great performance.

As a magnetic trainer, it can give you good resistance. Many customers spoke highly of its great performance.

Key Features:

  • It comes in many colors, so you can choose what color you love.
  • It has a heavy duty frame, so it can give you solid support.
  • It also can give you smooth and powerful resistance, making it ideal for those who don’t plan to pay much but need a reliable unit.
  • It can fit most 26” and 700c bikes.
  • And the installation is very simple.

It really a perfect basic bike stand for both fun and fitness. However, we also admit that it is not suitable for serious long distance cross country riding and hardcore hill training. If you do so, you will find the tension cannot build up high enough. In this situation, you really need an advanced trainer, like The Kinetic Kurt Road Machine Bike Trainer. Don’t feel frustrated, if you are not a serious rider, this one is totally ideal for you.

The setting up process is also straightforward, because it is assembled completely and it is ready to use out of the box. You have to do something no more than unfolding it and mounting your bike. That’s all and you are on your way. Very easy, isn’t it?

Like most other magnetic trainers, It also makes the noise. However, the noise is just certainly noticeable, not excessive. In this situation, a smooth road tire is nice and a mountain bike tire may cause too noisy for bikers.

Where to buy?

Of course, you can buy it at for a large discount and you’ll find it is so cheap and there are plenty of customer reviews which are valuable. Now, check the latest price.

If you need an axle adapter, you need to buy it separately and click here to learn more.

Customer reviews

  • One guy said he loves this item. It is worth every penny. It works as good as some expensive models.
  • Another guy said it is so great because of its price and he can ride in cold winters, or rainy days.

And you also can find plenty of customer reviews on Amazon. It is highly recommended to read some of them before ordering.[aff=B000QRMUHI]

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